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August 21, 2009

Moby- Wait for Me (Little Idiot/Mute)

“Gone are the lovely ladies from ‘Last Night’, replaced by the lonely little idiot,” declares Moby. In the wake of last summer’s club-worthy Last Night, Moby’s ninth studio record, Wait for Me, is startling in its sobriety. Moby’s intention in making Wait for Me is “to make something very personal, very melodic, very beautiful”; his success is no surprise. He is the Renaissance man of music, a master of sound for both the club and the bedroom (and by ‘bedroom’ I don’t just mean a sexy place). All in all, Wait for Me is beautifully crafted, full of gorgeous, heart-swelling melancholy, seeped with a vulnerability that his other albums lack.

Accompanying the sixteen-track album are two music videos: “Pale Horses,” a Sharpie-drawn cartoon by Moby, and “Shot in the Back of the Head,” courtesy of David Byrne. “Pale Horses” finds the ‘lonely little idiot,’ who appears to be just a little Moby alien, wandering friendless up to the moon, drawing into existence other little Moby aliens who melt when it rains. It’s like Harold and the Purple Crayon, but for adults. It’s really quite sad. If for no other reason, I recommend buying the album just to witness what Moby can do with a Sharpie.

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