September 17, 2009

Surly September

What's in: All-caps band names.
What's out: Summer.

Wild Nothing- Virginian Jack Tatum. Sounds pretty rugged, right? Think again, my friend. "Cloudbursting," a Kate Bush cover, is gorgeous and haunting... just the right sound.

LAKE- Seven kiddoes from Olympia, Washington, one of whom is named Mark Morrison. Like, Mark "Return of the Mack" Morrison? Doubtful, from the sound of it. "Don't Give Up" is cheesy but sweet and wonderful.

HEALTH- This band is everywhere I look! (or... listen, I guess). LA-based guys with vague lyrics on top of lively, futuristic noise rock. The CFCF remix of "Before Tigers" is a serious detour from their sound, but in the best way possible.

GRUM: Their song "Heartbeats", especially when remixed by Memory Tapes, is just so CRAZY GOOD.

Washed Out: Lo-fi lovely. Fresh, dreamy, exciting sounds from some South Carolina dude.

Fanfarlo: British indie quintet who play interesting instruments like glock, mandolin, and (you guessed it) fanfarlophone. "I'm a Pilot" is quite good.

DVAS- Canadian crack!!!! Super synthy, riotously romantic. "Forever" is one of the best dance songs ev-er.

Aria Orion- An awesome Brooklyn group that features interesting projections, an accordion-playing-lady-turned-man (Geo Wyeth, who has a kickin' solo act called Novice Theory- check it), and a female singer with the world's most heartbreaking voice. "Augur" has all the elements, but "When I Wake" is the next level. Be careful, it destroys.