August 14, 2010

The Summer Shakedown

I'm about to throw a lot at you. Are you ready?

Summer should be something like this:


In other words, the bomb. These bands brought it the hardest in Summer Ten.

DELOREAN (Bowery Ballroom, July 13)

Wait. The energy. Are you kidding? And the beat? It's correct.

THE GOLDEN FILTER (Glasslands, August 13)
Photo credit: Abigail Wilke
She may be possessed, but holy god is she hot. Add two drummers to the mix and...

Sorry. I just died.

ECLECTIC METHOD (Webster Hall, August 6)

Dude. If you don't know about EM, your time has come. They're an audio-visual remix duo who are freaking pros. Pretty sure they're the future.

CARIBOU (Glasslands, July 16)

Photo credit: Abigail Wilkes

Math wiz gets down, boy. Got that dancefloor movin to the 10th power.