July 31, 2009


If you're reading this blog, you probably like music. And if you like music, you probably like remixes. And if you like remixes, you should visit HypeMachine. There are tons of cool songs that have been selected by the best music bloggers.

Also worth visiting is Muxtape. The site's not totally finished yet, but you can listen to some good up-and-coming artists.


I'm checkin' out APW on Sunday, and can't wait. But why do all music festivals have to have all the greatest bands playing at the same time? How do you choose? It's a cruel joke to make me pick between Ghostland, MGMT and Coldplay. Thank God I can see Janeane Garofalo with no problems, though. I mean, that's why we're all going anyway. Jesus.

July 27, 2009

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Well, I am just obsessed with Go! Team's remix of "Twin of Myself" by Black Moth Super Rainbow. Go! Team makes such awesome remixes. Get the free download here.

July 26, 2009

Andrew Bird is great...

...because he rocks out in chapels. And because he's the most terrific whistler I've ever seen.

July 24, 2009

Cool Summer Bands

Rock it, pop it.

Thecocknbullkid- AKA Anita Blay of Britain. Sassy as hell. Check out "I'm Not Sorry" or "Clean Apart."

PNAU- Australian duo that makes the best feelgood dance jams. One of the guys is also in Empire of the Sun, which is just as awesome.

Miike Snow- Three Swedish guys, including the two who make up songwriting/production team Bloodshy & Avant (responsible for Britney's "Toxic." Just sayin'.) Great electropop. The remixes of "Burial" are brilliant.

The Hundred in the Hands- I seriously can't get enough of these people. Guy and gal from Brooklyn with apparently only two songs (or two versions of one song): "Dressed in Dresden" and "Undressed in Dresden." One's rocky, one's sexy-- both are addicting.

VEGA- Synthy 80's/future pop from Austin, TX. Listen to "All Too Vivid" or "No Reasons."

Deastro- 22 year old Detroitian who makes what RS calls "otherworldly space-pop." Yes please. "Spritle" is a fave, and there are great remixes to "Vermillion Plaza" floating around.

El Michels Affair- How could you not love ten white guys doing an entire album of Wu-Tang remakes?

Atlas Sound- Solo project of Bradford James Cox of Deerhunter. Another recent worthwhile solo project is Julian Plenti, aka Paul Banks of Interpol.

Class Actress- Dreamy new wave synth pop by way of Brooklyn. "Careful What You Say" and "Broken Adolescent Heart" are so good.

Norse Horse- Started in Korea, now in California. Innovative sounds with a cool name.

Warpaint- Wait, this isn't Cat Power? Sounds exactly the same. Works for me. "Billie Holiday" is lovely.

Les Sins- A "side-project" from a guy in South Carolina, who has another "side-project," Toro Y Moi, that is also fab.