June 8, 2010

Not even a ?uestion.

Well, if you didn’t know, I’ll tell you. ?uestlove… is the man. THE man. The one and only. The make-your-booty-shake man. The shake-it-don’t-break-it man. No, wait. Break it.

He’s been DJing at Brooklyn Bowl for a few months now, but I just got my act together last Thursday to go see him spin.

First of all… is he not the man? The fro, the tweets, the Jimmy, the Roots? He’s the man. Oh… and did I mention that he just totally RULES the drums? My idol.

And the music? My god. New, old, funky, sassy… he played it. From Calvin Harris and Chromeo to “Detroit post-Prince and Prince himself” (via @questlove). I’m not really sure what Detroit post-Prince is, but I'll die if I can't get my hands on some soon.

It's not even a question. Just go already. He's doin' his thing every Thursday through July.

                                 ?uestlove stencil found outside Brooklyn Bowl.