May 16, 2010

Penguin Prison

Let me be frank: I’m coming from a place where '80s music is the rule. David Byrne, Sting, Bernard Summer—these are my gods. The cheese, the catch, the quirk? I love it. So it goes without saying that I dig how indie music is sounding a lot like '80s pop these days. Shake-it-hard staples like LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, and Passion Pit have come crashing through the sound barrier, and the verdict is in: it’s cool to dance again.

Keeping the kids dancing like its 1982: NYC’s Penguin Prison. Holy hot pop this is good. Worth checking out are songs by Penguin Prison, remixes of Penguin Prison, and remixes by Penguin Prison. You can't go wrong. Unless you stand still.

Penguin Prison- A Funny Thing

May 14, 2010

Ring a Ling

Last Friday I was on my way home from a night out when I remembered that Sleigh Bells were playing at Coco 66, an awesome little venue right around the corner from my apartment. It was almost 1 AM and I figured I'd missed the show, and was sure it had sold out anyway, but I went nonetheless. And what did I find? Sleigh Bells, in full, sticky-icky action with M.I.A.

You can't see M.I.A. in that clip (well, you can't see much of anything... apologies), but she came on with Sleigh Bells at the end of their show to play "Ring Ring," one of my favorites, which samples Funkadelic's lickalicious song "Can You Get to That":

Aaaanyway, Sleigh Bells rule,* and they want to share their treats with you.

*As a side note, they also win the award for best lyric of the year ("Wonder what your boyfriend thinks about your braces"). I'm not really sure why it's so good, but it IS.