May 16, 2010

Penguin Prison

Let me be frank: I’m coming from a place where '80s music is the rule. David Byrne, Sting, Bernard Summer—these are my gods. The cheese, the catch, the quirk? I love it. So it goes without saying that I dig how indie music is sounding a lot like '80s pop these days. Shake-it-hard staples like LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, and Passion Pit have come crashing through the sound barrier, and the verdict is in: it’s cool to dance again.

Keeping the kids dancing like its 1982: NYC’s Penguin Prison. Holy hot pop this is good. Worth checking out are songs by Penguin Prison, remixes of Penguin Prison, and remixes by Penguin Prison. You can't go wrong. Unless you stand still.

Penguin Prison- A Funny Thing


Megan Matthieson said...

Hilarious. The dance link was too good. I could never be a hipster. But I AM going to be dancing to LCD in a couple of weeks, and loving it. yeah for dancing!

Pam Rasmussen said...

Megan suggested your blog, so here I am! The 80s was the decade I went clubbing and dancing so I can relate. Now my daughter loves that 80s beat and Hot Chip, Passion Pit, etc. are some of her favorites. She's loaded my ipod with all her music and I must say that I love it too.

Ashwin said...

If you like the cheese, check out his remix of Golden Silvers' "True Romance":

Marina said...

I am spreading your word to the Euro people.

Emma said...

Pam- Thanks for reading!! I love that you are enjoying the '80s revival as much as I am. And I'm seriously jealous that you got to go clubbing and dancing in the real heyday : )

Ashwin- Thanks! Love it! Mmmm, cheesy.

Marina- Yessss. Spread the good news.

Megan Matthieson said...

Spread the followers, the cheese, the love.