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April 12, 2010

Your New Favorite Band: Berzerkulosis

If you like gum, sock puppets, or slow-mo (or even if you don't... but why wouldn't you?), you'll love this video for "Big League Chew" by Brooklyn's hottest mock rap group*, Berzerkulosis.

Check out their other stuff too, which includes a song about fish that grow legs and crawl out of the ocean (AKA evolution).

You're welcome.

Berzerkulosis - "Big League Chew" from David Lombroso on Vimeo.

*Sorry Das Racist, but that Beastie Boys bullshit was whack.


Megan Matthieson said...

hahaha i love it!! watcha gonna do?

mseager said...

Schatz! hahahaha! I'm the middle man in this blog post aren't I? Hope you are well Emma and thanks for the birthday wishes today!

Ashley said...

I Don't know any of the bands you are talking about, but i've heard of this! It may have been you who showed it to me but still, I feel like that makes me cool!