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October 14, 2007

Band to check out: Sea Wolf

My big sis turned me on to this singer-songwriter (Alex Church) who refuses to take full credit for his band, despite his being its only invariable member (Church is also a member of L.A. band Irving). Sea Wolf is a fresh take on indie rock, combining vocals resembling Elliot Smith and Sonic Youth-like instrumentals. Based in L.A., Church's music fails to mirror the glitzy, get-ahead attitude so common to the City of Angels and its music scene, but rather has echoes of more rural landscapes, such as the Sierra Foothills that Church stems from. How is this band still unsigned?

Watch the music video for You're a Wolf here.


meg said...

I like the sound! When and where is he going to be in SB??

Mabel said...

You write very well.